Dynamic Keyword – Anchor Setup

Please look at this shortcode with explanation :

Here most important part is insertfor item where has 3 values.

  1. If you display parameter value as anchor text use : hreftext
  2. If you want to set parameter value as anchor link, use : anchorlink
  3. if you want to append parameter value with existing URL, use : appendurl


Please check with example URL for above 3 different types of values :

1# If you set hreftext and URL like this : www.pixelsigns.art/my-anchor-page/?keyword=HelloLink

-> Generated anchor : <a href=”http://pixelsigns.com”>HelloLink</a>

2# if you set anchorlink and URL should like this : www.pixelsigns.art/my-anchor-page/?keyword=http://google.com

-> Generated anchor : <a href=”http://google.com”>Click Here</a>

3# if you set appendurl  and URL like this : www.pixelsigns.art/my-anchor-page/?keyword=linkAppend

-> Generated anchor : <a href=”http://pixelsigns.com/linkAppend”>Click Here</a>